Is your motorcycle insurance too high?

Is your motorcycle insurance too high?

Motorbikes are unique compared to cars because of their incredible speed and lack of protection given to the operator. In addition, many motorcycle owners are younger people with less driving experience. For these reasons, insurance companies are very careful when pricing motorcycle insurance.

You can check several factors that can make you a more favorable candidate for motorcycle insurance in an insurance company's eyes.


While age is a factor when purchasing any insurance, it is especially important when buying motorcycle insurance. If you are a woman under 21 years or a man under 25, your rates will automatically be higher than any other age group. A recommended method of saving your insurance premium is to wait until you are beyond these ages, which can significantly reduce motorcycle insurance premiums.


If you are a new motorcycle operator, many insurance companies want to know this and adjust your premium accordingly. New motorcycle operators are at greater risk for insurance companies because they are more likely to have accidents. If you are a new owner or operator of a motorcycle, the only way to circumvent this is to trade with different insurance companies to find the best interest rate, as not all insurance companies use this crucial factor in the same way.


A rule that applies to all cars is to be a safe driver. Your driving post is one of the first things an insurance company will look at when evaluating you as an insurer. Speed ​​crashes, traffic accidents and insurance claims are three factors that play a major part in an insurance company's evaluation of you. By avoiding these things, you make yourself more attractive to an insurance company.

With some insurance companies, your accident history may have less impact on your candidacy if the accident history was in a car rather than on a motorcycle. Again, it is about various insurance companies that are the best way to overcome the problem.


Many people do not realize that the city in which you live may affect the insurance premiums that you pay. If you live in a populated city or city, the likelihood of you encountering other drivers increases. This means that the chance of an accident occurs also increases. If you live in a rural area, you will have less contact with other vehicles, which may mean that you are relatively safer, but you can also live in an area where speed limits are much higher which is another risk factor for an insurance company.

Consumers may find it frustrating to consider all of these criteria, especially if you or your circumstances put yourself in an unfamiliar light in the insurance company. Your tactic should then be to change things as you can and never ever lie to your insurance company. If you are dishonest with your insurance company regarding any of the questions they ask you, you can be completely denied insurance. This may be the smallest of your problems because this is technical insurance fraud, which is a criminal offense.


Although unusual, if you use your motorcycle for any business, you must disclose this to the insurance company. Business use of a motorcycle will certainly lead to and increase your insurance level. If you use a motorcycle to do business is a choice rather than a necessity, consider an alternative mode of transport to save money on your insurance premiums.


The type of motorcycle you own will also play a factor in your insurance rates. Motorbikes designed for speed and performance are clearly more dangerous than commuter style motorcycles or cruising motorcycles. Consequently, they will have a higher tax rate.

Changes to your motorcycle can also play a role in your insurance level. Changes may be for speed or appearance. If the changes are too high, and you've made your motorcycle faster, your motorcycle is now more dangerous in the insurance company.

If your changes are just for style and appearance, you can also see and increase your insurance rates because now your motorcycle is worth more and their payment to you to repair motorcycles will be more in case of an accident.

These suggestions help you to make yourself a better candidate for insurance companies. Consulting with professional insurance agents and best insurer advice for your situation will be the absolute best step you can take to lower your premiums.

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